About ChadQuilt

After working with fabrics most of my life, I decided over 15 years ago to make fabric my art medium after experimenting with several other media, including pencil, charcoal, pastel, graphite and paint. For me, fabric is the most challenging (and interesting) medium because of the infinite variety of texture, pattern and color that it offers. Each fabric has its own personality and character, and I enjoy working with it in many forms. I think of fabric as an art medium, much as others think of paint and clay. It is how I choose to execute my original designs.

Initially, my creative work with fabric involved making art quilts, all hand appliqued and embellished with paint, pastel and other art media. I've printed some of my original designs onto fabric as wall decor items and mouse pads. I'm always experimenting with new, creative ways of using fabrics. All of these items are designed and made entirely by me in the USA.

My art quilts have been juried into international competitions (e.g., Pacific International Quilt Festival, Hoffman Challenge). Originals and reproductions of my work have been publicly displayed at several venues (such as the Joshua L. Chamberlain House, Pear Threatre, and the Baseball National Hall of Fame), and included in private collections. My work has been published in "Quilter's Newsletter Magazine."