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Deep Peacock Green Iridescent Silk Dupioni Fabric 26.5 x 10.75

Deep Peacock Green Iridescent Silk Dupioni Fabric 26.5 x 10.75

Cross threads of rich bottle green and deep ink blue produce the gorgeous, deep peacock, bluish green color of this iridescent silk dupioni fabric. The depth of the green blue color is difficult to capture accurately in photography because the silk is very light reflective. When the silk catches bright light, the bottle green weft threads can flash teal. The ink blue warp threads are dark but in the light, they appear as deep navy, and not as a midnight blue. The overall impression of this rich-looking silk is a bluish green.

I photographed a larger piece of the silk in indirect natural light without flash to try to minimize the color distortion. The remnant is 26.5" wide x 10.75" long.

For additional information about color, photography and obtaining swatches of my fabrics, please see the "Silk & Wool Information" link at the bottom of my website.

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