Please note that my fabrics are NOT available for sale by the yard. The price shown is for the specific size that's stated in the listing.

Coppery Rust Spun Silk Yarn Thread Lace Weight Two Ply

Coppery Rust Spun Silk Yarn Thread Lace Weight Two Ply

I have hand dyed this spun silk yarn or thread a coppery rust color. The thickness of this lace weight, two ply pure silk yarn (20/2) is less than 0.039 of one inch, and I have included a sewing needle in several of the images to give you perspective on its thickness. "Thread" and "yarn" can be confusing and misleading terms and generally don't relate to how the silk looks, how thick it is or how it can be used. The thickness of a silk "yarn" can actually be much less than that of a human hair and in some cases, almost invisible. When dyed, this silk yarn has a very high sheen, and it is wonderful to use for hand embroidery. The last image shows embroidery I did on a silk dupioni pillow using this silk yarn in its undyed state.

You will receive 10 plus yards of this silk contained on one flat paper bobbin, and the yardage won't have any knots in it. I photographed the silk in natural light without flash.

Your silk will be carefully packed, wrapped in plastic and shipped first class mail with tracking. I do combine shipping cost, so you can save money if you purchase additional items at the same time.