Brilliant Aqua Golden Pumpkin Iridescent Dupioni Silk Fabric 12 x 17


A vibrant aqua weft and a golden pumpkin warp produce this exquisite iridescent dupioni silk fabric that has a brilliant sheen. The pumpkin warp that has a bit of a gold cast to it provides excellent depth of color and unique contrasts. In certain light conditions, the overall aqua color of the silk can appear to have a more bluish tint, and the warm color of the warp helps to balance the chromatic temperature of the silk. Excluding selvage, the remnant is 12" wide x 17" long, and I photographed a larger piece of the silk in a variety of natural light conditions, all without flash.

For additional information about color, photography and obtaining swatches of my fabrics, please see "Silk & Wool Information" at the bottom of my website.

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